COTTO's Malmo Granito / Palizza Series

Design as a process; Detail as a major resolution. Another Perspective2 introduces 8 new projects from 15 emerging designers done by thinking ‘details’ first thing. Here’s to unexpected details that make you fall in love. Leaves, pebbles, cloud formation.. are filled with unlimited chances for aesthetic, in every slight variation made by details, to be appreciated. Here’s to the time when an object functions for details, to the time when an object functions to our details of living. In this series, the obvious will be succeeded by the detail. May we say rest in peace to ‘The rest are just details.’

Another Perspective2 | Another Detail:
COTTO invites 15 talented and emerging young designers of 9 nationalities from 6 countries and hosts a showcase of the new designs formed by thinking ‘details’. This occasion is a marking of the signature Marmo Granito, the revolutionary stone which is a result of its production details aspiring to give a random effect that makes every single slab unique. An aesthetic of Marmo Granito comes from noticing the exquisite way nature shapes all that surrounds us.

Ventura Lambrate 2014
Via Ventura 15, Milano

General Opening hours:

Tuesday 8 April 2014 – Saturday 12 April 2014
10:00 – 20:00

Sunday 13 April 2014
10:00 – 18:00

Open Evening: Wednesday 9 April 2014
20:00 – 22:00

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Over the years, COTTO has become more and more established as a world-class manufacturer of surface covering and sanitary ware solution. COTTO products are a result of substantial investment in pioneering production technology and extensive researches which allow us to best understand and respond to the behaviors and the culture of consumers in each locality of the world.

Our stance is to be the responsible trendsetter in the surface covering and sanitary ware solution industry. Such ambition will position us as the brand that affords customers utmost satisfaction eventually.

COTTO recognizes the importance of design. In search of new innovations to improve the pleasures of all people, we browse through every possible idea by joining hands with emerging talented designers those are recognized worldwide. “Another Perspective2, curated by COTTO” is the result of global collaboration between idea and vision of striving to “Share the World…Pleasure”.


Ferréol Babin
Ilaria Innocenti
Jeremy Murier + Daniel Martinez ,
John Astbury + Kyuhyung Cho, ,
Rui Pereira + Ryosuke Fukusada, ,
Studio WM