designed by John Astbury & Kyuhyung Cho

A collaboration between Stockholm based designers John Astbury and Kyuhyung Cho. A view on bathing as ceremony and nature as a transformative element.

FADE is a collection for the bathroom comprised of a bath table, copper mirror with ceramic containers and vessels all derived from the same motif. Individually each object shows a geometry with a tension shifting between relaxed and tight, while the collection as a whole documents the narrative inspired by ritual, transformation and the fluid movement of water. An exploration of ritual within the secular, representing both an Eastern and Western perspective on the object, both arising and being.

Ash wood, mirrored copper and traditional parian clay


John Astbury was born in Birmingham, England. He moved to Sweden in 2008 and graduated from the MFA design program at Konstfack in 2011. He works with furniture, product and interior design from his studio based in Stockholm.

Kyuhyung Cho was born in Seoul, Korea. He received his MFA from Storytelling, Konstfack in 2011 and runs his own studio in Stockholm working on graphic, textile and furniture design.

John and Kyuhyung have been collaborating on various projects since 2010. Working mainly with branding and art direction this is now their first collaboration with furniture. A shared interest in exploring a narrative as part of the creative process is the foundation for their continuous collaboration. Considering the relationship of an object to both itself and the space surrounding it is as important as finding the right proportion of each individual piece.